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Voicians (Part I) [Deluxe Edition]

by Voicians

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Alive 04:55
-Pre- Just like you I fear to breath when I lose the ground beneath this is wrong I feel the force I wish I was without remorse -Chorus- I can't feel alive until I'm dead inside to be Alive (4x) -Verse 1- Inside my lungs is no more air to breath I'm in a cave got no more time to wait the past left marks and I wish they would leave I feel responsible for things I haven't done -Pre- -Chorus- -Verse 2- The time I wasted with bad memories was half my life and won't come back to me I'm lost in thought and begging on my knees that I will soon forget the things I haven't done -Bridge- The things I haven't done kill me The things I haven't done kill me The things I haven't done kill me The things I haven't done kill me -Chorus-
Their shadows are tearing me
 into tiny pieces
 I don’t know where I am 
I just remember frustration -Pre- 
Why does a second
 seem so long 
this can’t be a dream because -Chorus- 
this pain feels real 
only time can heal 
real -Verse 2- 
My conscience is telling me 
that I have to move on
 I don’t know where to go 
I need to unlearn my weakness -Pre- -Chorus-
Empire 05:16
-Intro- The silence is near
 We will take everything back 
What they have stolen from us 
To build their empire We take it down with fire -Verse 1- We served them for years
 We were slaves without reason
 All that’s left was paid with tears
 In which they are drowning The ending is near
 We will rise in the fire
 Light your torch and come with me
 To crush their empire -Chorus- We take it down with fire (2x) -Bridge- Salvation is here
 This is what we have fought for
 Our tears dried in the sun
 Their blood in the fire we will take everything back -Chorus- We take it down with fire (2x)
-Chorus- Make me bleed or make me stop make me believe in god what is wrong and what is right show me the way (2x) -Verse 1- I listen to them I have the feeling that I drown again I put my anger and my fears aside nothing will last longer than my rage inside where is the way I have to take If I lose my way the said my dreams will break now I'm standing here if I won't walk my end is near -Chorus- -Verse 2- I did not listen to them I have the feeling that I breath again Finally I do not have the wish to run the journey I am on has just begun here is the way I have to take I have found my way thank god theres no more fake now since my fears are gone I will sit down and wait for dawn -Bridge- I dream of breaking out (2x) show me the way (8x) -Chorus-
So Clear 04:57
So clear -Chorus- 
why is everything so clear -Verse 1- 
my mind is clear
 I feel no fear
 my need is you
 let me know -Chorus-
 why is everything so clear -Verse 2-
 time went so slow
 I did not know
 what I should do
 let me know
 why is everything so clear -Bridge-
 Now I know what I am needing 
please don’t tell me that you’re leaving 
I can see now how to go on
 we need to start again where we came from
 So clear -Outro-
 So clear (2x)


Voicians—the self-titled FiXT debut EP and first part of Dan Voicians’ full-length effort—is as sharp as a razor’s edge.

The noise cuts through the air swift and sharply, creating an aura of otherworldly electronic rock from the German-based artist. Songs like the EP’s opener and cornerstone track “Alive” simply explode, matching it’s lyrical intensity with catchy hooks that won’t soon be forgotten by any and all who hear it. The record continues to flourish with tracks like “This Pain Feels Real, “Show Me The Way,” and “So Clear - each blending between dark and transparent, heavy and blistering, along with a subtle beauty to deliver a perfect amalgamation of aural bliss. This is highlighted best in the European-influenced electronic track “Empire”, and even more so in it’s stripped-down acoustic version that breathes a brand new life into the track.

The legion of mixers behind these tracks is as diverse as the styles on display here, with appearances from Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Conjure One) on "Alive", Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, I See Stars) on "Show Me The Way", Grant Mohrman (Celldweller, Blue Stahli) on "This Pain Feels Real", and electronic artist Comaduster on "So Clear" - all helping to bring out the first part of Voicians in full force.

Voicians displays an incredible range of musicality with his FiXT debut, illuminating just how expansive the future is for this emerging electronic rock artist.

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released August 27, 2015


all rights reserved



Voicians Germany

Drum & Bass Producer, Vocalist & DJ

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